The web-based format of Wiley Spectra Lab enables you to identify unknowns across MS, NMR, IR, UV-VIS, and Raman techniques and also allows for reading of manufacturer formats across IR and common NMR. Mixture analysis is available for IR spectra only.

Operating on Windows/OS X, MacOS,  Linux, and any Internet-compliant browser .


The desktop application provides users with a powerful, automated toolkit to address diverse and specialized spectroscopy tasks. Identifying unknowns is made easier with the following features.

  • Read manufacturer formats for MS
  • Mixture analysis for NMR
  • Deformulation expert for IR for reverse-engineering formulated products
  • QC expert for IR for quality control applications (21 CFR Part 11-complaint)
  • Create your own spectral databases across multiple instrumental techniques
  • Operates in Windows, and available to download and install.

The desktop format has all the flexibility of the web version, but without the need to be online.


The server provides organizations with a centralized controlled enviroment for managing data and intellectual property. Administrators can control access and ensure that teams are working from the same centralized playbook.

The server format provides unlimited access for the whole organization.