State of the Art Spectroscopic Analysis

Wiley Spectra Lab is a unique analytical platform that helps chemists identify unknown compounds from spectroscopic data, supporting GC-MS, FT-IR, Raman, ATR-IR, UV-Vis, and C-NMR, H-NMR, and X-NMR spectroscopies. The system contains data sourced from Wiley, Wiley-VCH, Bio-Rad Sadtler, and others, comprising the largest collection  in the world (over 2 million spectra) and is powered by KnowItAll AnyWare® software from Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Accuracy and Speed

Identifying unknowns requires expertise, patience and a large collection of reliable and accurate spectral data.  Wiley Spectra Lab uses the world’s largest collection of curated spectral data, powered by KnowItAll Anyware®, a fast, advanced analytical platform. Its advanced search features enable rapid and accurate searching of spectral data that far exceeds the performance of most commercially available software.

By bringing the world’s largest spectral data collection into a powerful, unified platform, Wiley Spectra Lab reduces turnaround times and maximizes the efficiency in your lab’s spectral analysis.


This intuitive and easy-to-use tool is easily accessible as a cloud-based web solution for all main platforms and web-browsers, or as a fully featured analytical and database management solution for Windows PC that can be downloaded or delivered as a physical copy to be installed locally or over a network. Wiley Spectra Lab is accessible in whichever form suits your requirements and workflow.

Coverage and Sheer Scale

Wiley’s spectral databases, such as Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data®, have for decades set the standard for accuracy and broad coverage. We continually expand and update our spectral databases to support new and emerging techniques, workflows, and subject areas. Wiley Spectra Lab maximizes your ability to identify unknowns by harnessing the broadest coverage available in the world today.